Law of Gratitude

Law of Gratitude

Gifts flow to you from your earliest moments. A gift enabled your being—and beginning on earth.

Initially no appreciation or gratitude is possible for there is no awareness. But with growth comes understanding and awakening to the presence of givers. This awakening never ends. The more you see, the more you appreciate how all life depends on what is above and below it in the great chain of being.

There is no sufficiency anywhere in the universe, only generosity and gratitude. When you participate in this flow from either point, you merge into the most essential cycle through which creation thrives as described in the Law of Giving and Receiving.

Gratitude returns energy to a source. And it increases your capacity to receive more from that source. When you are grateful, a light issues from you and returns to the source of your gratitude. More abundance flows through this connective link. Giver and receiver come into closer relationship and greater exchange ensues.

It is possible to approach anything with appreciative energy, even those things that might not seem deserving. When you hold a space of gratitude, this love vibration often reverses difficult forces. Resistance changes spin to become assistance. What would have been a barrier morphs into a bridge. Alchemy takes place. Because generosity and gratitude are reciprocal energies, leading with gratitude arouses generosity.

Gratitude has many vibrations. Some are strongly physical and arise from the energetic center in the body dealing with security and survival. Come close to the loss of a child, escape a brush with death, or stare into the face of possible devastation and you experience a rush of relief from the first chakra in the body. Lower forms of gratitude come from fear such as the fear of loss or separation.

More elevated vibrations of gratitude resonate with higher energy centers in the body. Spill over with appreciation for another being and notice how the flow comes from your heart center. Feel the thrill of manifesting or merge into the euphoria of divine energies and experience how these more refined vibrations resonate even higher in your body.

Gratitude in its highest expressions is simply a dimension of the love vibration. It connects because love unifies. It moves us into greater flow with the universe because love aligns and draws us into greater participation with All That Is.

(copyrighted art by Deborah Koff-Chapin)