Law of Action

Law of Action

Intentions first take shape at the level of mind. This is their birthplace. Their first body is a pattern of possibility—a real form in the realm of vision, thought, and desire. This form has life from the moment of first intending. But it has yet to grow and evolve, to journey far.

Intention as thought affects other thoughts. Intention as emotion affects other emotions. But only action anchors intention in the third dimension where it can affect other things.

Always act, even if you are unsure what to do. Take what you know in this moment and begin. Every action is perfect for where you are now, as described in the Law of Perfection. One step provides the information for the next right step. Each step is possible only with the experience of the last. It is better to do something small and soon rather than wonder and wait.

Action initiates motion and builds momentum which can be taken in any direction. And it creatively disrupts the world by moving matter and enabling other things to reorganize. New events coalesce and probabilities shift. Like attracts like as the seed of original action enters into a creative dance with All That Is.

Even the smallest actions connect into the largest patterns. Actions create not because they are sufficient in and of themselves, but because of how they relate to everything else. Most of what you depend upon, you can never do. No action is enough. But an action is essential. When you act, the universe acts with you.

Your action merges into a stream of other things moving, connecting, and happening. This stream continually morphs. What exists in one moment, disappears in the next. Things cluster in ways possible only at particular times, and only those things in the stream can find each other. Delay is often defeat simply because the flow of the world changes. What was once possible is no longer. The window closes. The gate remains no more.

The Law of Action propels all other wisdom principles. Wisdom laws provide insight into the mechanics of the universe, but action brings law to life.

(copyrighted art by Deborah Koff-Chapin)